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Understanding your customers and other stakeholders is the first step in successful communications or product and service design. You must be able to use that information to make your intent clear to them.

UI Architects practices user-centered design methodologies that result in a fast return on investment and higher customer satisfaction and retention. Critical problem areas are caught early in the design process, minimizing expensive fixes during development.

User-Centered Design

Our user-centered design methodologies integrate traditional usability practices in the earliest stages of the process.

  • During discovery & analysis, your business model is examined to provide the foundation for user profiles and use case scenarios that fit real-world customers.

  • Organization, navigation, and workflow models are designed for those users and tested in rapid, inexpensive iterations using low-fidelity mockups.

  • Once the visual design has been integrated, high-fidelity mockups are used for another round of key use case testing prior to committing the design to development.

  • After deployment, we can work with you for follow-up testing and user data analysis to identify opportunities for additional value in future versions.